BedBug Prevention

Non-Toxic bed bug removal service is not offered by many exterminators, pest control operators, or bedbug preparation companies. These companies require you to bag or remove all laundry and textiles from the premises prior to treatment. Without a full-service bed bug removal, this can be a big headache! Treating all your belongings in the laundry yourself is time-consuming, difficult work. Making sure it is done properly and to all the right specifications, so that you don’t have to worry about getting more bed bug bites, can be very stressful. And what do you do with items that require dry-cleaning? What do you do with your clean, bug-free items while your home is being fully exterminated? That is where we can help!

We help you follow the instructions that your extermination company recommends. Heat treatment is the best way to kill all the bed bugs that may be in your textiles, and most pest control operators and exterminators will recommend that you make sure to treat all of your potentially affected textiles. Call to get your questions answered about how our services can help you take back your life from bed bugs.

Bedbug Prevention Service

In addition to helping you cope with a bed bug infestation, our bed bug prevention service helps you keep bed bugs from wreaking havoc in your home. Our preventative service keeps your neighbors’ bed bugs from spreading to your home. Also, have fewer worries about bringing bed bugs home in your luggage or from a visit to someone’s home or a public place like a theater. No more worries about bed bugs!

Bedbug prep Service

Prior to extermination, you have an exhausting list of things: laundering everything, sealing off and storing clean items, emptying closets and shelves, moving furniture from the perimeters, vacuuming and steam cleaning. Basically, you must deep clean leaving all areas open for pest control to access every surface. Our professional bed bug preppers relieve stress and increase your chances of treatment success.