Rat, Mice & Rodent Removal?
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If you notice any droppings on your floors, greasy rub marks on walls or other surfaces and can hear clawing or scurrying sounds in the night

its likely that you have a rodent problem. Jim’s Pest Control are experts in safe and effective rodent removal and can also provide good

advice as to how to prevent dangerously unhygienic rat or mice infestation in the future.

Dubai Rodent Control:

Are Rats / Mice bothering you? Not to worry as now we are providing our customers with the best quality Rodent control service under

all cases, so no matter if the pests in your premises are lurking, we will definitely help to terminate their activities.

Rodents/rats or mice can give way to a high risk to human health and also to food materials at house, they can damage electrical wirings,

insulation and even more in offices, factories or houses. They are also a menace which dislikes at their premises. Rodents/rats or mice

control must be taken seriously in homes or offices for a neat and clean atmosphere. Trap pest control is a leader in pest

control and its management our Exterminators provides residential as well as commercial pest control services in All U.A.E.

We are dedicated to make a detailed inspection of any rat/mice presence and can install a proper solution to it.

Pest identification with professional pest control products and their adequate supplies with some recommended measures to be taken are all that we give you.

So if you are affected, you can call us for a best solution Trap will offer the best Service at reasonable prices. Call Us Now.